A new-found appreciation for Apps


Pulse is described on Google Play as “a beautiful application that makes reading news fun and engaging.” However, I’m concerned that it is more of an all-in-one entertainment app, rather than an app specifically designed for the delivery of news.

I personalized my screen to show Time, the Wall Street Journal, BBC News, the Huffington Post, Fox News, Sky News and The Guardian.  After clicking on a certain article, you have the option to read a version edited to fit the screen, or view the original article.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough news sources for my liking and you can only add website from Pulse’s own catalogue. However, there are various sub-headings, such as food, art and design, politics, technology, science, lifestyle, entertainment, as well as news.

Perhaps I’ll use this app more to access Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Fine Cooking, and (of course) I Can Has Cheeseburger.

World Newspapers

Wow.  On first glance, the home page looks bland and boring – as a result I was not expecting anything special from this app. However, I simply had to click on the ‘local’ tab, and I was provided a list of all the news I could ever need! (slight exaggeration, but you get the gist…)


However, I have been left a little disappointed by the app’s version of the Courier Mail.


See the difference between the Brisbane Times (left) and the Courier Mail (right)?

The Brisbane Times is sharp, clean, simple. It fits nicely on the screen, with simple font in a decent size and a constant colour scheme. It looks familiar. It is, in short, exactly what I want from a news app.

The Courier Mail, on the other hand, is a mess. Just from the screen shot alone, I’m sure you can see there is a huge difference. I find it unattractive and difficult to maneuver – the font is far too small, and there appears to be little to no formatting. It also annoys me that nothing on the app reminds me that I am, in fact, reading the Courier Mail.

Over the past week I have perused many, many, many of the ‘World Newspapers’ and I have two things to report:

  1. Yes, I have become slightly obsessed with this app.
  2. The Courier Mail is in the minority as far as layout and accessibility goes. The rest of the app is fantastic.

What I love about this app is that I literally have access to the newspapers from all over the world. The name ‘World Newspapers’ is spot on. Users have the option of selecting a continent, country, and newspaper – easy as that. Of course, some of these newspapers are not in English.

I decided to try Aamulehti, from Finland. Honestly , I have no clue what it says. But I can appreciate the clean layout, the eye-catching pictures and the overall attractiveness of the page. It would seem that World Newspapers has created an attractive, effective and accessible and app that can be used internationally… it is a shame that the Courier Mail has somehow drawn the short straw.


So, there you have it. World Newspapers has become my go-to app for News (although, I’ll still be using Pulse for some easy-reading entertainment).

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