About Claire

Hello there fellow Journalism students, Journalism tutors and random blog-readers who have somehow found their way here!

I am Claire McHardy, a third year Bachelor of Laws/Journalism student at the Queensland University of Technology.

My dream job would be an Archaeologist in the 1990’s, uncovering ancient Egyptian tombs. But alas, that time has past. Instead, I’m working towards becoming a lawyer in the human rights or criminal field, or a foreign correspondent, reporting from developing and war-torn countries (the brilliant Kate Adie is one of my heroes). I want to be able to work directly with people, and hopefully improve their quality of life.

This blog has been created for the purposes of my Online Journalism class, and with you I will be sharing my thoughts, views, hopes, dreams and so on, in relation to what I am learning in the forthcoming weeks. I’m a little behind-the-times, so this should be quite a learning curve (and hopefully an interesting read).


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